The Company
Propulsive WingPropulsive Wing, LLC was established in 2006 to produce and market cross-flow fan propelled unmanned aircraft with wingspans ranging from several feet up to full-size. Our product is based on the integration of a cross-flow fan (CFF) into the trailing edge of an airplane wing. Propulsive Wing, LLC is located in Central New York in the town of Elbridge within the Allred & Associates, Inc., facility. Allred & Associates is an ISO 9001 engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the design and fabrication of advanced carbon-fiber structures. Through its partnership and location within the Allred facility, Propulsive Wing, LLC has access to substantial capabilities and infrastructure, including professional CAD design, Nastran FEA modeling, Mastercam, multiple CNC machines, in-house tool making, prototype fabrication, and production capabilities. Propulsive Wing also has in-house Star-CCM+ CFD analysis software.

In addition to the unmanned airplane market, Propulsive Wing, LLC is currently developing a line of personal air purifiers called the Personal Breeze. Originally funded by the Syracuse Center of Excellence and U.S. EPA, the Personal Breeze is a patent-pending air purifier system that utilizes an individualís thermal plume to enhance cleaning effectiveness. By attaching the Personal Breeze air purifier to the front of the desk, the user now enjoys a light, refreshing breeze of filtered air. Instead of allowing contaminants to flow freely up to the breathing zone, the airstream is interrupted, filtered, and then reinjected back into the natural thermal plume. This type of personal air purification results in the targeted delivery of filtered air to the user at a fraction the power consumption and noise of other methods. At full power, the Personal Breeze is both quiet and only consumes 2 Watts of power, less than the power of a standard night-light bulb. Propulsive Wing is currently moving the product into a pilot run phase, and it will soon be available for retail purchase.

Lastly, Propulsive Wing, LLC offers aerodynamics and CFD consulting services. Please visit the consulting page for more details and CFD demonstrations, and feel free to contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help you with your particular project.

Propulsive Wing LLC - 321 Route 5 West - Elbridge - New York - 13060 - 315.252.2559