The Propulsive Wing is a new patented aerodynamic platform that integrates an embedded, distributed cross-flow fan propulsion system within a thick wing. Early research was conducted at Syracuse University under funding from NASA Glenn Research Center. Propulsive Wing, LLC was formed in 2006 to facilitate commercialization of this technology as a new unmanned aircraft to serve commercial and military markets, with particular emphasis on applications requiring large internal volume, heavy load-carrying capability, and short takeoff and landing. Propulsive Wing
Flight testing of the mini Propulsive Wing prototypes has begun. This new model has a 20 inch wingspan and weighs only 3.5 pounds.
CFD simulation of the Propulsive Wing UAV at high angle of attack. Due to the unique patented design, the wing is capable of operating stall-free at extreme angle of attack, producing exceptionally high lift. For the same wingspan, the lifting capability of this platform is 2-3 times and the internal payload volume is up to 10 times conventional UAV configurations.
Personal Breeze Air Purifier: Through funding from the Syracuse Center of Excellence, Propulsive Wing, LLC, in collaboration with Allred & Associates, Inc. and Syracuse University, has developed a compact design for personal and tower air purifiers with substantially better performance than those currently available. This patented technology involves wrapping a curved J-shaped filter around the internal cross-flow fan, providing significantly more filter surface area. Compared with current tower air purifier products, this design has greatly improved performance, providing higher flow rate, better filtration, and decreased power consumption and noise. In addition, a personal filtration version was developed that attaches to the front of an office desk. Drawing only 2 Watts of power, this smaller product plugs into a computer USB port and effectively mitigates contaminants in the user's breathing zone without filtering all of the air in the room.
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